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What is On Track for Kindergarten?
On Track for Kindergarten gives you a Snapshot of where your child is developmentally and provides you with resources, activities and materials to accelerate your child's learning. You and your child will receive free gifts when you complete a Snapshot. We will also connect your family to community resources to ensure your child develops in a healthy and positive manner and enters kindergarten ready to learn.

What is a Snapshot?
Our OberlinKids Coordinator usually meets with families at the Oberlin Public Library to complete the Snapshot. This meeting takes about 30-45 minutes and is a play based screening. She completes an ASQ-3 and also a Social-Emotional questionnaire that a parent/guardian will fill out. The coordinator takes a lot of time to get to know you and your child and makes sure that they feel comfortable with her before beginning. She completes the ASQ by having the child perform the tasks in a fun and natural manner. She also uses this time to get to you know the parent/guardian and discuss any concerns, questions or resources you are looking for. She customizes each meeting to fit the needs of the family. This Snapshot is for ALL children, birth-5 regardless of ability, disability or concerns. Our OberlinKids coordinator has met with over 100 families in the past 2 years completing snapshots. All have found it to be a beneficial meeting. We have spoken to many families after the Snapshot who said that they enjoyed the meeting, their child LOVES the literacy kit and uses the materials all of the time and that they have a greater peace of mind after meeting with our coordinator!

How often do I complete an On Track Snapshot?
Your child should have a snapshot every year between the ages of birth and 5 years or until they enter kindergarten.

Can all of my children participate?
All children, ages birth to 5 years living in or are likely to open enroll in the Oberlin City School District are eligible. There are no ability or income restrictions.

How will I get the results of the On Track Snapshot?
General reseults will be discussed immediately after the session. A results report and resource packet will be mailed to you. 

How can I get more information?
If you have questions about OberlinKids or On Track for Kindergarten email us at or call 440.371.0113

Is there a cost for OberlinKids programs?
No. OberlinKids programs are absolutely free and a great way to ensure your child is prepared to do well in school.



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