Ready To Learn is defined as:

• Having basic needs met
• Being developmentally ready
• The family is supported and they support the child
• The family and child participate in transition to kindergarten activities

Kindergarten readiness is defined by many factors in a child’s life. Their early experiences, parental involvement, nutrition, early childhood education, socialization skills, cognitive, emotional, and academic abilities naturally vary from one child to another. There are only about 1900 days from when a child is born until they enter kindergarten. Parents are a child’s first and greatest teachers and we strive to support families in giving their children all they can to help them learn and grow. Nearly 30% of children are entering Eastwood needing some sort of intervention-everything from glasses, to individualized services like speech or occupational therapy, to lacking basic needs like food, clothing, and safety. The earlier children's needs are identified, the less likely they are to be impacted by the needs once they enter school.

OberlinKids can provide you with resources to ensure your child enters kindergarten healthy and ready to learn.



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