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In the city of Oberlin, community and educational organizations came together in order to ensure that our children are entering kindergarten prepared and ready to learn. From this collaboration came OberlinKids, designed to impact children in this critical time of development. The collaborative looks to identify each child's and family's needs and put them on a track to be prepared for kindergarten.

We support the parents and families and give them the resources necessary to support their child's development. The goal is to give each child birth to kindergarten who live in Oberlin the opportunity to be successful in school and in life, to support our children and families and make our community stronger.

You can sign up for OberlinKids right now for free.

Learn about the collective impact we can make together in the Kindergarten Readiness Community Impact Plan. This showcases the strategic work being done by our Steering Committee and Work Groups.


By signing up for OberlinKids you will have access to free:

• Family Fun Events
• Individual & Group Programming
• Early Learning & Health Resources
• Activities & Materials
• Peer Support
• Expert Advice on Child Development
• Play Groups

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OberlinKids is funded by United Way of Greater Lorain County. Our collaborative partners include:





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